Willow Farm LLC is a family owned farm in Homer, Michigan offering grass fed beef and lamb.

We believe that raising our animals out on grass offers a multitude of benefits for the animals, the environment, us the farmers and our valued customers.

To learn more about our farm, animals or pricing and availability contact Tom, Candy or Kyle at 517-542-0192 and feel free to check back for updates, new offerings, and the latest goings on at the farm.


Even though we have been open nearly a year now, we are very excited about the opportunity it gives us to share the bounty of our farm with you.

Our freezers are fully stocked with grassfed beef and lamb. Every month we feature something different on special to give you the chance to try something new.

We also have our beautiful Romney and Bluefaced Leicester fleeces available as everything from raw fleeces, roving, yarn to hand knit wonderful gifts and our bedding collection.

There is always something new, we never know what we will come up with. We are constantly looking for inspiration for unique and decorative treasures.