July 15th, 2018 – Shabby Chic

I love shabby chic. It combines some of my favorite things, being creative,
repurposing things into something new, useful and beautiful. Throw in a
touch of frugality and what’s not to like?
Shabby chic played a big part in furnishing our shop and creating display
space. Wool fleeces and our bedding collection are shown off on a
Woodard baker’s rack that’s followed us every move for decades. The
lending library, tea things and housewives are on a antique Hoosier
cupboard we’ve used for everything, sometimes even dishes.
Our latest addition is a pair of vintage steel office chairs, scrubbed up and
given a coat of Ocean Mist paint. A stack of well broken in galvanized
buckets have new color and purpose as containers for our hand spun wool

Another bucket that came helpfully labeled “LEAKS” is now sporting a fresh
coat of paint and a lavender plant and has become our new door stop.
So, stop by the shop, check out the new furnishings and have a chat about
food, fiber and farming. Candy