Grass fed Lamb

Grass fed lamb: We keep things simple by raising our lambs on mother’s milk and grass. 

Ground Lamb

Ground Lamb

Grass fed ground lamb $7.50/lb



Sausage Patties

Lamb Sausage Patties $7.50 for a 1lb package. Two flavors available

Grass fed lamb Sausage Patties – Two flavors available $7.50 for one pound package


 Lamb Brotts

Lamb Brotts

Grass fed Lamb Brotts $7.50 for a one pound package



 1/2 Lamb Bundle

1/2 Lamb 

1/2 Lamb 12 lbs $150 This particular bundle contains: 2 Loin Roasts, 2 Shoulder Steaks, 14 Lamb Chops, 1 Shoulder Roast, 1 lb Ground Lamb, 2 neck Steaks, 3 Shanks, 1 Boneless Leg of Lamb, 1 package brots, 2 packages Sausage. Please note that no two bundles are identical. We invite you to look at the bundles and choose the one that suits your needs and tastes best.




Lamb Organs

Lamb Organ Meat: Heart, Liver and Tongue $5/pound


 Lamb Bones

Lamb Bones: perfect for making bone broth $2.50/lb

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