August 12th, 2019 — Garden Plans

Garden Plans It’s barely August and I’m already planning next year’s garden.  The current garden space is where the original farm house was. Then an Amish family bought the farm and built a ‘Dawdy’ (spelling varies) house for the grandparents, right behind the old house.  Taxes went up for a property with two houses so… Continue reading August 12th, 2019 — Garden Plans

February 11th, 2019 — Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring There’s another winter weather advisory on for tonight until Wednesday but I’m not worried about that because spring is right around the corner.  I know this because our mailbox has been filling with seed catalogs since December. Most of those get thrown straight away.  No matter how seductive the pictures of fruits… Continue reading February 11th, 2019 — Signs of Spring