Wool Products

The sheep at Willow Farm.

We keep two flocks, Candy’s Bluefaced Leicesters and Kyle’s Romneys.  Both are British breeds with completely different fleeces and lock structure.  Bluefaced fleeces are more open with locks that twist together and have a lovely luster.  Romney fleeces are thicker and denser and make great sweaters and anything wooly that keeps you warm and cozy.  We carefully skirt our fleeces, there is nothing more annoying than spinning gleefully imagining what you’ll be knitting up into fabulous wearables and hitting an errant bit of VM.

We shear the first of April and fleeces are available as we skirt them.  We maintain a waiting list of Bluefaced fleeces and some years do not have any additional fleeces, the best way to guarantee one is to get on the list.  Romney fleeces go fast but we usually have one or two available at any time of the year.

We breed both white and colored sheep, and have a nice variety of colored and white Romney fleeces. For our Bluefaces, we have mostly white fleeces available and a very limited selection for color.