Bluefaced Leicester Fleeces

We had a great shearing day this year. We did something new and had an open house with sheep shearing, baby lambs to feed, and our new shop building that will open later this year was on display. We had our new lending library available and are adding new books as we find them. Our latest treasures are cookbooks where you can try out recipes and see if you like them before you buy the book.




Another good year for Greta, she produced a nice, big ewe lamb we’ll add to the flock and this beautiful  fleece.  I always keep the last fleece left for myself and if it’s Greta’s year I won’t have any complaints.   Weight is 2.11 pounds,  priced at  $16 a pound.





Rachel is a little sweetie, she likes to come and nibble on my coat hem when I feed the bottle babies. This is her first fleece, and she grew a lovely one with a 6.5 inch staple and lots of crimp.  Weight is 3.08 pounds and is priced at $16 per pound.




Grace is a year old this year, so this is her first fleece and it is beautiful. With a long 6.5 inch staple, great for spinning fine yarns. Who wouldn’t want to wear something made Grace-ful. Weight is 4.01 pounds and is priced at $16 per pound.


Lou Hoo


Another good year for Lou Hoo, she gave us triplets, one is black and will be retained in the flock for colorful spinning next year. Lou Hoo’s fleece is a lovely typical Bluefaced Leicester, with a 6 inch staple. Weighs 2.05 pounds and is priced at $16 per pound.