Romney Fleeces

We use our Romney wool for everything from our special new sweater for winter to warm and cozy mattress pads, pillows and duvets. If you are interested in a fleece or have questions please contact us.  What special something would you create with these fleeces:

2017 Fleeces



While Ivy was getting sheared, I was drooling over how beautiful the color is, and really wish I had the time to spin her up for myself. Her color is a lovely shade of dark pewter that runs throughout the fleece. She has a 6 inch staple and weighs 7.11 pounds. Priced at $10 per pound.



Benterra a grew light, soft, fluffy fleece that weights 3.82 pounds and has a 5.5 inch staple. Priced at $10 a pound, this will be the only fleece from Benterra.


Cupcake got out of sync with shearing day and gave us a choice; we could either shear her with everyone else and have a short staple or leave her a year and risk her fleece cotting. Cupcake’s colors were so expressive- ranging from light silver to deepest black, we opted to shear her. We kept her blanketed so there is no fading in her colors. The resulting fleece is too short for spinning, but think of the fun you could have making something felted and wonderful. Weighs 3.03 pounds and priced at $10 per pound.



What a big, beautiful fleece! Color is a deep charcoal grey, soft enough to knit a warm sweater (or two) for your favorite guy (or yourself). With a 7 inch staple, spinning Diabla will be a joy. Weight is 6.9 pounds and priced $10 per pound.



This is our last fleece to post and I’m running out of superlatives for this year’s shearing.  Marsh grew an impressive 7 inch staple on a big, soft fleece.  I can see her made up in a Fishermans sweater with your favorite cable pattern running throughout.  Weight is 4.54 pounds, priced at  $10 a pound.

 Previous Years Fleeces



Cyrus, our white Romney ram. The whole time I was skirting his fleece I kept thinking how
great he’d look spun and knitted up as a Fisherman’s sweater for your favorite guy.
Show off your knitting with some cables in a jazzy pattern. Weight is 8.2 pounds, priced at $10 a pound.